The Different Ways To Charge For A Website Project

Then, drafting the content for each page can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours of writing, depending on the purpose of the page. Finally, you’ll need to format the content for easy reading on the web. These costs can be very small, but they can also add up quickly and increase the cost of your website by a noticeable amount. You need to understand what kind of website you want and the materials and tools you need to build the website before you can know how much it will cost. Sometimes I’m off on a project because I’ve miscalculated how long a certain thing would take, or the solution you thought would work isn’t and you have to go back to the start again. What I usually do is take some of that time off the project and chalk it up to a learning process for myself.

This concentrates the client on providing all you need to complete the project. And yet, at $100 an hour, I’m still charging LESS than what a major design house is. Granted, I don’t have as much overhead like having several computer systems, IT guys, and managers, but the client doesn’t really care about that. So really, a major design firm will be charging something akin to $500 an hour. How do you think they get away charging $20,000+ for a website? I’ve been getting fairly good at estimating how long a project will take and for additional services I can tack those on at the end.

web design cost per hour

Articles, insights and BONUS content to inspire and help you grow your business online. is a hosted website platform that uses WordPress as the website builder. It’s owned and operated by one of the developers of WordPress, and works similar to platforms like Wix or Squarespace. A self-hosted website is kind of like building your own house.

Five Tips For Designing Your Website Like A Pro

All we have to spend time on is the look of the site. It’s all a lot to think about, but above all, just remember that you skill and time ARE worth money and you should charge appropriately. You’re own enthusiasm and quality of work will suffer if you don’t. Tom is a University student, so he’s not going to be available all day every day for his project.

Be firm but fair and guide clients through the whole process in the planning stages. Clients are like children, they know how to push boundaries. The part we need to work on is keeping the client up-to-date with the number of hours worked. I know it seems easy but we struggle here – I think it is just a matter of actually talking to the client . Hopefully any good design company could help you with Divi.

Customer refuses to leave GoDaddy, so any future changes are going to be a real pain. I have a client who talked me into doing my first WordPress site for him. I got tired of turning down business from people wanting WP, so I gave in. Glad I did, but I still have a lot to learn after making several sites. I keep meaning to create a master sheet with site names, passwords, hosting info, etc..

web design cost per hour

This makes all the difference and can be a real game-changer if you’re switching from hourly-based pricing. In hourly-based pricing, you ask what they want to be built. Well, this might only serve to scare your future clients off to another developer who charges less per hour.

The Different Ways To Charge For A Website Project

And I don’t want to get off track from this post, so if this is something I need to take up elsewhere, that’s fine with me. But I would love to see an article and hear how other people have structured their web design business. As I become more in-demand, my hourly rate will increase to reflect that but I won’t have to worry about anything else because thats already fixed in the spreadsheet.

web design cost per hour

I try to aim for 6 hours ‘billable’ per day and 2 hours for admin. I find this is fairly reasonable but still sometimes hard to achieve when you account for quoting, accounting, and of course learning new skills. It was an extremely important lesson for me – charging too little can achieve the opposite of your intention, and misrepresent the quality of your service. Personally, I charge close to the $100/hour mark, but I also rarely need more than a week or two to complete the projects I take on.

Although I charge on a project by project basis, it is based around my hourly rate. My quotes are fairly comprehensive outlining what will be done for the price quoted. I then include my hourly rate if the need for extra things pop up.

Accepting Payment

Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and (not to be confused with a self-hosted WordPress website) are the most well known examples of these. Web Flow is another one that is often used by web designers. Another set of costs for websites are the costs for the tools used to build and host the websites. Finally, you can hire a professional photographer to take your photos and a graphic designer to design any special graphics you want. These professionals charge anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour, or you can try a service like Fiverr. For starters, you’re going to need some written content for your website.

web design cost per hour

I finally settled a few years ago on what I think is probably the only really workable pricing model that’s fair to both parties. I send weekly time sheets so that clients can see the amount of time that I’ve billed to their project each week . I used to bill by check, but have migrated to PayPal because I’ve noticed that clients pay much more quickly when they receive a PayPal invoice.

If I drop dead right now, many of my clients will be clueless. Even when I register their domain name, I keep meaning to go back and add them as the owner, but often time never get around to it. Because at the end of the day its better to be learning and practicing then dealing with cheap clients and getting paid less then your worth. Plugins and extensions– These are mini-applications that you install in your website to add features, like a video player or a Twitter feed. Plugins are free to download but require frequent updates to work properly. Website maintenance agencies can install updates for you – prices are available by quote.

Preparing Website Content

For me I started in another small business, before I went solo, and there I was able to see how things are charged and how much profit is made. It might never be a good option, which hurts freelancers. My colleague was able to start the application from scratch and complete it in roughly three weeks. I just want to know that have you ever faced this kind of situation. Or how will you react in following situation as freelancer. Great post…this is something I struggle with all the time.

  • I know it seems easy but we struggle here – I think it is just a matter of actually talking to the client .
  • As we mentioned briefly above,website buildersare a cheaper, easier way to create and maintain your own website.
  • I have a new client coming on soon and I think they are somewhere in between your two sites and I am trying to figure out a pricing strategy.
  • You can of course do this yourself, but make sure to set aside at the very least 30 – 60 per minutes per month to get this done.
  • I have never had a problem with genuine clients paying upfront.
  • You could end up spending double the time you had expected for no additional earnings.

However, things do not always go to plan and it is difficult to see the challenges that a particular design may present. That is why charging per hour is favored by many designers. A good alternative is to charge a fixed price for a project and then charge more if it takes more than an agreed number of hours to complete.

Divi Hosting

Oddly enough that same rate holds back lots of work/projects. Still at fi 100$ almost any project of some scale quickly becomes too expensive in relation to risk/reward, unless the freelancer takes responsibility for the result. Its probably not the best method to use but i belive its a good starting base unless your charging per hour. Performance-based pricing (also known as results-based pricing) is a sort of value-based pricing in which the price is determined by real performance measurements. Even if we work on just 2 extra sales per month, it adds up to an extra $48,000 per year in additional revenue just by the changes and improvements I will be doing. Let’s say a business sells an average of ten 3D printers at an average of $2,000 each per month ($20k sales per month).

I read your customer spotlight entry and meant to comment but got distracted. Great read and very encouraging to know that others in very similar situations were able to make it work. We take a similar approach and use the wording “includes up to XX hours of effort”. I would say just avoid redundancies in styles/features.

Creating additional pages based on those layouts usually takes less than 15 minutes if all you are doing is copying / pasting content they’ve sent you electronically. But I try to stress to clients the sure way to web design cost per hour drive up the cost of an estimate is to start changing things AFTER I start building the navigation. Clients changing their mind on page names, or the verbiage on those pages is what usually blows my estimates.

Now if I finish the work quicker, the client doesn’t pay more than it was worth as he might with a fixed bid, and I don’t eat any shortfall. If I run into issues that result in an overrun, my client gets to decide how to proceed. After I speak with a client, I put together a detailed document that breaks out the steps required, and an estimate of the hours that I expect each step to take . The end of the document totals the range of hours from each step, and provides a cost estimate range based on the estimated hours .

Now my friend is not working for me at all, he is not picking up my phones also.. As they paid me advance before I start working on logo I assumed that they will pay the bill whatever the final charges come out. I kept them updating about that and warned in soft words. As deadline came nearer they added stuff over and gave reply always late after reminding by me on phone. Also depending on how many sites you do u can make time savings be recycling code. We built a custom content management system which allows us to save loads of time on the coding side of things.

Whether you’re selling products online or taking payments in a brick and mortar store, ecommerce platform builders, merchant accounts, and POS systems will help you rake in the cash. We develop a formal project proposal for each unique project. Project costs vary depending on the needs and goals of the organization, the project specifications and functionality requirements.

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