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Our clients view us an invaluable resource who they can lean on when making challenging business decisions. Will be responsible for preparing financial statements, entering accounts payable and receivable, processing payroll, managing source documents, and preparing and remitting multi-state sales tax. Known as the “Small Business Superheros,” Accountingprose offers comprehensive accounting services to small businesses to help them grow and thrive. Accountingprose’s payroll services include direct deposit, payment of payroll taxes, filing of quarterly and yearly electronic statements, and fixed-rate payroll services calculated according to employee count.

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Her mission with is to help small businesses have ownership over their finances. She empowers small business owners by providing accounting software and bookkeeping solutions at a fair price, enabling them to focus their attention on income generating activities.

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We work with a variety of health and wellness centers like yoga studios and chiropractic offices to get them organized with all things bookkeeping, payroll, financial statements and more. We want you to get back to the fun stuff, so let us take care of the heavy lifting. Accountingprose is not your normal accounting service. We are agile, forward thinking, and adopt technology to create efficiencies in both our and our client’s business. We are tech focused, driven, and excited about our work. We deliver results and create partnerships with our clients. We are Small Business Accounting Superheroes.

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Specializing in small business accounting, we can take care of all the dirty work so you can focus on your company. The Denver Local Gift Card is designed to promote and support local businesses in Denver. Morgan succeeds by developing meaningful relationships with her clients and thrives on helping business owners understand their numbers and focus on growing their businesses. Accountant sought for a remote position responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance, developing and updating documents, overseeing inventory needs. QuickBooks skills, background screening required.

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Cristina has had the great fortune to hone her nerdy craft over the last nine years as the Founder of Accountingprose and CannaComply, and brings her endless enthusiasm for small business to every interaction. When working with her small business clients she can’t help but think in terms of systemization and efficiency and will likely send them a color-coded flowchart as a conversation follow up. Cristina loves helping her clients and employees thrive, which ultimately creates a lasting impact on their local community and economy. She truly views every relationship as a partnership and recognizes that success, true success, is not a zero-sum game.

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